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Our Mission is to preserve and teach the true method of Joseph Pilates and to continue his legacy. 

Authentic Pilates Education follows the Classical method to create future generations skilled Pilates Professionals. 

Our Goal at the Authentic Pilates Education is to train excellent instructors. Our teacher trainers are all recognised 2nd generation Pilates Instructors. Training Lineage by Generation; Joseph and Clara Pilates.  

When choosing a Pilates training program, high quality Pilates training is key to a successful and fulfilling career as a Pilates Teacher. Pilates instructors require knowledge, skill and confidence to provide effective private Pilates training and group sessions. Our solid teacher training program will provide you with the foundation in understanding the Classical Pilates Method, the underlying principles, equipment and how it all works as an “ integrated System”. 

The Authentic Pilates Education teacher training program is a comprehensive course delivered face to face emphasising hands-on instruction. The Comprehensive course provides full mat and Pilates apparatus certification over 600 hours.

Classical Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and wellness facilities worldwide. We will help you reach your full potential to quality with confidence and knowledge.

Remember, you will not be a good, effective Pilates instructor with excellent teaching skills after only a few weekends of training. It takes time and focus. 

"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour".  

Joseph Pilates

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"APEA Course standards are set high. Expect quality face to face training that will challenge you both physically and mentally. I’m proud to have completed the APEA course and now manage my own studio in Byron Bay, Australia."
— Margaret Inns
Authentic Pilates Byron Bay

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73 Justin Street
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