Bridging Program

Course Registration

The APEUK teacher training programme recognises and welcomes teachers certified through other reputable Pilates organisations who have completed full comprehensive training on all Pilates Apparatus and wish to get certification in the classical method with Authentic pilates Education UK. The APEUK bridging students/apprentices will attend the basic, intermediate and advanced workshops. Bridging candidates will need to complete 300 hrs as opposed to full comprehensive of 600 hrs before completing the advanced exam.

NB: Where the assessment determines the candidate requires more than 300 apprenticeship hours, they will need to apply for full certification.

All exams must be passed to achieve certification

 All practice l retests shall be given at a cost of £150 

 If the final exam is not passed, up to 25 hours of apprenticeship shall be required before the exam is retaken  

Levels of Exams for the Bridging Course:

50 hours - practical test and basic anatomy questionnaire

150 hourspractical test, intermediate anatomy questionnaire and case study

300 hours - practical test, advanced anatomy questionnaire and case stud

Bridging program fee structure:
300 hours, tuition fee £2,495.00 and a minimum of 25 private lessons with the APE principal instructor or other.

Classical Pilates Teacher Training 02 9818 761
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia