Teacher Training Certification Program

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The Teacher Certification Program is comprised of three parts. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. 
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The apprenticeship consists of 600 hours logged with a Certified Instructor at a recognized Certification Centre or other training centre recognised by APE (Authentic pilates Education) .
The last 50 hours must be logged at the Certification Centre of origin Exhale Pilates London The apprentice must also attend periodic apprentice meetings at the certification centre Exhale Pilates London.

Apprentice logs will be issued by the APEUK, and must be signed by the supervising instructor regularly (every 50 hours). Every 100 hours the logs must be turned in to the APEUK.
The 200 hours will be divided up into observation, training and teaching.
• 50 observation hours
• 65 self mastery
• 85 teaching hours

Apprenticeship to be completed within 12 -14 months of entry into the Program. Program extensions for extenuating circumstances are granted at the sole and absolute discretion of the APEUK. Apprentice must submit to the APEUK a written request setting forth in detail the extenuating circumstances at least one month prior to the end of the apprenticeship year.

Apprentices will not teach clients outside of the Certification Centre of Origin until they have graduated from the Program.
 During the apprentice program (but not before 200 hrs of apprenticeship) the Apprentice shall be required to teach under supervision at the Certifying Centre, of origin and the apprentice will receive compensation at the minimum hourly rate.

Exceptions and modification to apprenticeship requirements may be granted at the APEUK sole and absolute discretion.

Exams are administered upon completion of each phase. Certification is only issued once the apprentice has attended all three system workshops, completed the apprenticeship hours required and passed all exams, practical and written.

There are practical and written exams upon completion of each 200 hours apprenticeship phase. Exams are evaluated pass/fail, and apprentices must pass the requirements at each phase prior to proceeding to the next phase. This process and associated costs are overseen by the centres. Apprentices are not permitted to observe other apprentices testing.
Testing will be done only by instructors selected by the APEUK.  

Levels of Exams:

  • 200 hours-practical, basic question and answer and anatomy questionnaire
  • 400 hours-practical, intermediate question and answer, written test and anatomy questionnaire
  • 600 hours-practical, advanced question and answer, written test and anatomy questionnaire and case study on a new client.

Failure to pass:
1st failure requires and additional 15 hours before retesting. Each additional failure, requires an additional 25 hours. A retest fee in the amount of £150.00 will be charged for each retest.

Leave of Absence Policy
The apprenticeship reflects a physically intense learning environment. Students, with extenuating circumstances may request a leave of absence for a reasonable amount of time. Leave will be granted at the sole and absolute discretion of APEUK.  Students who are physically unable to exercise for 30 days, must obtain a doctors’ certificate. A written request for leave of absence must be presented to APEUK.  

Comprehensive course fees
Course fees for full comprehensive course £4,995

Payment plan: Payment due at time of enrolment £1,000
Payment due prior to the Basic seminar £2,000
Payment due prior the Intermediate seminar £1,995

 ALL payments made are non refundable. 

Private lessons are not included in the cost of tuition.
 Private lessons are available at a reduced rate of 10% per session with the APEAUK Principal Instructor or other. 

All exams must be passed to achieve certification. If there is to be a retest then a charge of £150.00 will apply. If the final advanced test is not passed, up to 25 hours of apprenticeship shall be required before the exam is retaken.

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73 Justin Street
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