How to Enroll

Thank you for your interest in the APEUK full comprehensive Training programme.

Before enrolling in the Authentic Pilates Education teacher training course, please contact the studio for an appointment for an interview. 

After your interview you will be sent a link to the enrollment form. Please complete the form and submit within 24 hours.

* Application Checklist *

- Prior to commencing the course is a prerequisite of 25 hours of Pilates training in the Authentic (Classical) Method (unless otherwise approved).
- Completed Enrolment Agreement (Also required for Bridge Program)
- 1 professional and 1 personal reference letter (Also required for Bridge Program)
- Brief resume detailing educational experience & work experience, including references any from employers and/or industry colleagues in verification of your experience 
- Deposit of £1,000.00 made payable to Exhale Pilates London by transfer

You are required to provide a declaration as to any pre-existing conditions, prior injury, or limitations, which may potentially impact your participation in the APEUK teacher training programme. You must detail any hospitalisations or surgeries you have had in the last 5 years, together with dates. 

Please also attach a physicians’ note if there are ‘warnings,’ associated with your medications, and/or there are any potential physical/mental/pre-existing conditions which could impact or limit participation in the Program.

Why we ask for a pre-requisite

Taking on any full comprehensive classical training programme requires knowledge of the method up until minimum the intermediate repertoire. It is important that you are comfortable in the work including names of exercises, orders, spring settings & transitions. This knowledge is not only for your memory of the method but for your body to feel and understand what is required. 

To have it in your body prior to commencing the programme stands you in great stead and will give you a deeper insight into the method and make learning on course dates, self-practice and observation much easier to absorb/understand.

You can click here to REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE.

Classical Pilates Teacher Training 02 9818 761
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia
73 Justin Street
Lilyfield NSW
2040 Australia